Are too many messages turning off consumers?

In a survey it was revealed that nearly two-thirds of adults in the UK say they receive too many digital marketing promotions. Consumers revealed that they wouldn’t think twice about unsubscribing from a brand’s promotions and messages if they thought they were receiving too many messages. So should marketers be worried about turning off their consumers?

Almost every retailer and brand has begun to test new location-aware sensors, known as beacons, where they can track consumers’ shopping patterns and behaviours and use that information to develop better, more targeted marketing.

This new type of technology gives an almost unprecedented ability to reach customers on their mobile phones, and a whole industry is now focused on how best to find, engage and track people’s habits in the hope they can drive more sales with the information they get.

Having the ability to message consumers can lead to higher engagement, this isn’t anything new, but too much messaging will quickly turn people off and in turn have an opposite effect to what company’s, and their marketing departments, set out to achieve in the first place.

Marketers are always striving to understand their audiences and the quicker they can get to grips with that, the less they should be worrying about turning off their audience with too many messages. Once they know their audiences likes, interests and also the limits they have, the better their messages will work.

So how do companies avoid being deleted by overwhelmed consumers?

Email marketing is such a cost effective way to market to a brands audience that many companies sometimes go overboard on email marketing instead of delivering the quality that customers would much prefer. Focusing on quality not quantity is certainly one place to start when it comes to getting consumers back onside.

Taking this approach on board, ticket sales website Ticketmaster looked to strike the right balance by using engagement metrics to understand how to make communications relevant and targeted to each individual instead of a gung-ho approach.

Subscribers sign up to receive newsletters specific to their interests, as well as ticket alerts and access to pre-sale events. So email is Ticketmaster’s main communication method, this combined with text for customer relations messages and push notifications, can all be controlled through the recently launched Ticketmaster app.

Michelle Plant, Ticketmaster’s marketing director, revealed that: “It is important to stay top-of-mind, but not bombard customers, with our product being so varied, we produce a fully integrated, cross-device campaign.

“So for example, if we want to reach millennials, we will integrate emails with Snapchat, YouTube and Periscope. All our emails are mobile-optimised and we also direct people to our blog for content.”

Brands need to fully understand their customers and they need to be appealing to them with creative, innovative content. Moving forward in 2017 brands, when it comes to their marketing efforts, should be looking to entertain, distract and inform their audience, so creativity needs to be a pivotal part across their whole campaign, it’s no longer acceptable to just be hounding customers with fifty emails a week in the hope that something will stand out.

Brands that are failing to focus their marketing attention on the customer are going to falter, companies need to make a similar shift similar to what Ticketmaster have done where all communications must be relevant and creative to maintain interest for each and every one of their targeted audience.

Another key area to keeping customers onside is specific targeted messages dependant on their location. Geo-location has become the buzzword within marketing and brands have begun to discover the power of GPS-fuelled augmented reality on the back of such things as Pokémon Go. 

Companies have been able to find new ways to reach customers by being able to know where a consumer is and where that consumer’s attention is. Geo-locations have quickly become a massive tool for marketers with the help of modern day technology.

Discount code website, which pushes out content from 5,000 brands to a database of eight million people; have been leading the way in this by using geo-location to push out messages with the brands that they work with.

Paul Lewis, senior director of marketing for, explained that:  “We don’t want to invade the customer’s digital space, but we want to be able to send bulletins that are relevant in terms of both content and platform.

“Email has been a great success for us and we use a personalised subject line to show the customer that this communication is credible and relevant to them. We then adapt the message according to device, as customers interact with mobile, tablet and desktop in a number of different ways.

“We’ve been able to partner with brands on push messaging, using the information that geo-locations are able to provide, to send out deals that in turn help to drive increased footfall in-stores.”

So what does the future hold for marketing outreach and making sure brands aren’t turning off customers?

Brands are already starting to push for a new level of sophistication when it comes to their marketing campaigns and efforts. Exploring messaging channels such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are already widely under consideration. For a great example of this, maybe check out a previous blog of ours which looked at the campaign Channel 4 launched for their latest series of Humans, where they used Facebook Messenger.

As we’ve already mentioned GPS and location-based marketing is going to become more important, as is video content. Being able to embed video into emails is a big ongoing focus for plenty of companies.

The biggest takeaway and thing to keep in mind is most definitely quality over quantity. 99% of people reading this blog will be able to vouch for receiving too many emails or text messages from a specific company that will most certainly put you off using their services.

Maybe 10% of people reading this will be able to think of a company whose marketing efforts have recently really caught your eye and might even relate to something that we’ve mentioned. We’ve love to hear about who they were and how they caught your eye, so drop us a message over on our Twitter page, which is @OrchardTweets.


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