Creative and Marketing events that you should know about (and attend) in Yorkshire!

Is it fair to say that there are only a handful of regular creative and marketing events happening in Yorkshire at the moment, and currently I am willing to put it on the line that I do not think that there are enough!

The few regular events are great, but I think that on the whole Yorkshire and specifically Leeds is lacking on the 'creative community spirit' front. Compared to cities like Manchester (aware that it is a larger place) we do seem to have only roughly a quarter of industry events happening in comparison - and that is being generous!

So here is a run down of great regular meet ups in and around wonderful Yorkshire for you to attend:

- Creative Networks Yorkshire @bridget_cn

Creative Networks Yorkshire is a free monthly meet up - usually the last Thursday of every month - held at the Leeds College of Art. You will find people here from all corners of the creative world, including designers, artists, poets, marketers, musicians, writers and academics to name a few. Creative Networks has been successful for a couple of years now and consists of networking and a guest speaker - past speakers have included designer / illustrator Lizzie Mary Cullen, famous photographer Kevin Cummins and artist Sue Lawty. Creative Networks is a relaxed and informative evening very much worth your time - plus there is normally free drinks and food to get you into the networking mood! Additionally, at the start of each evening they have a few minutes dedicated to 3/4 business pitches.

Next event: 26/05/11 Creative Networks - Creative Business Fair

- Hudds Digitals @HuddsDigitals

A fantastic informal and enjoyable evening that also happens at the end of the month in Zephyr Bar, Huddersfield. Hudds Digitals has a friendly atmosphere in which you can meet like minded individuals - most of the current members are digital / print designers plus a few developers too - and have a chat about all things that interest you - whether digital or not! I really recommend that people in surrounding cities, ie Leeds to make the effort to get over to Huddersfield for Hudds Digitals as this is really the type of creative event that should be encouraged and attended!

Next event: 25/05/11 Hudds Digitals 

- Bettakultcha @bettakultcha

Although the content of the evening is not directly linked to the design world, Bettakultcha does attract a diverse crowd of creatives and marketeers alike. Bettakultcha is a very successful monthly event held in Leeds Corn Exchange, were you will be entertained with a night of presentations from around 10 people - 20 slides, each lasting 15 seconds. The presenters can talk about anything they want (apart from pitches) which guarantees quite an unpredictable evening. I would suggest that you book in advance for Bettakultcha as tickets seem to sell out quite quickly - they are priced at £5. Bettakultcha has now branched out to Bradford too.

Next event: 02/06/11 Bettakultcha Bradford

- CIM, Meet With Drinks @CIMinfo

CIM Meet with drinks is a networking event more appealing to the marketer than the designer - this is a monthly event held at Club LS1 in Leeds. You can expect a free drink on arrival and a relaxed if not slightly corporate atmosphere. CIM Meet with drinks attracts people from organisations such as the Institute of Chartered Accountants England and Wales, Leeds Metropolitan University, the Yorkshire Society, Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. The event is free, although you do need to book a place through their website.

Next event: 16/05/11 CIM Meet with Drinks 

- GeekUp Leeds @GeekUp

GeekUp Leeds is another informal evening that falls on every third Wednesday of the month at the Lounge Bar and Grill in Leeds. GeekUp Leeds attracts predominantly web designers / developers / technology minded people rather than print designers and consequently the evening focuses more on peoples interests in technology and the web. GeekUp Leeds has been successfully running for 5 years now and is held in other cities around the country.

Next event: 18/05/11 GeekUp Leeds 

I know I haven't mentioned every regular industry event that happens in Yorkshire here and if you can add to any recommendations to this that would be greatly appreciated. Additionally if you organise a creative / marketing event and would like to have it advertised in our events section - email me at @orchard_Alex

Check out our events section for other events happening not only in Yorkshire, but in the North West


  • This is a really useful blog post. There's also Game Republic for gaming types. The last Leeds event was in March 2011. I'm not sure when the next one is. See @gameRepublic on Twitter.
    11/05/2011 by James @planetPUSH

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