LinkedIn’s most in-demand skills for 2017

LinkedIn are typically the go-to source when people are looking for a new job.

The company have recently released new data regarding the skills that employers look for in potential new employees and they’ve analysed tons of the hiring and recruiting activity which has occurred on it’s site throughout 2016.

After trudging through all of their data, which sounds like the most time consuming job on Earth, they have released the top 10 skills that can get you hired in 2017 in 14 different countries.

These are the most in-demand skills around the world for 2017:

10: Storage Systems and Managements

9: SEO / SEM Marketing

8: Data Presentation

7: Mobile Development

6: Network and Information Security

5: User Interface Design

4: Middleware and Integration Software

3: Web Architecture and Development

2: Statistical Analysis and Data Mining

1: Cloud and Distributed Computing

Catherine Fisher, a career expert at LinkedIn, explained in a post that the top skills list reveals several trends about the global job market, which includes:

- Demand for marketers is slowing: Throughout 2015 the demand for campaign management, SEO/SEM, and channel marketing were in high demand, things have certainly changed. SEO/SEM dropped down from #4 to #9 and marketing campaign management completely dropped off the list.

- Data and cloud reign supreme: Cloud and distributed computing has remained in the #1 spot for the past two years and is the top skill on more or less every list - including Ireland, Singapore, America, Spain, Germany and France.

- Show me, don’t tell me: For the first time ever, data presentation, which is visualising data, makes the list at #8. Statistical analysis and data mining held strong again, at #2, employers need employees who can organise data so it’s easy for people to understand.

- User interface design is the new black: User interface design, at #5, which is designing the part of products that people interact with, is increasingly in-demand among employers. It ranked #14 in 2014, #10 last year, and #5 this year (second largest jump on this year’s Global Top Skills of 2016 list). Data has become central to many products, which has created a need for people with user interface design skills who can make those products easy for customers to use.

Click here for a full interactive look at the report of the most in-demand skills for 2017. 

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