Should you be making the most out of GIFs on Twitter?

It’s just over a year since one of the head-honchos at Twitter gave the go ahead for all their users, far and wide, to be able to use GIFs in their tweets and direct messages.

Warning! This blog contains a basket load of animated gifs!

Being able to use GIFs throughout Twitter has really sent the popular social media site up another level and we’re pretty sure there’s not a day gone by where you haven’t seen a number of GIFs on your timeline.

Maybe you’ve seen that many that you’ve thought about wanting to use them for your business?

If you have thought about using GIFs for your company’s social media, here’s a pretty straight forward guide to get you started:
- Align your GIF creation with your brand guidelines and style guide. This includes both your fonts and colour palettes that you already implement across your social media already.
- Create GIFs that can act as a how-to guide to educate your audience on your business.
- Think about which platform you’ll be using your GIFs for, and then look to see if there are any key influencers you could potentially partner with to extend your reach.
- Don’t forget about the subtle elements of cinemagraphs that make one element of an image move. These are becoming extremely popular for plenty of companies.
- Repurpose your best content from commercials and advertisements into GIFs.

Of course, GIFs aren’t always the answer for brands or companies that want to drum up some social engagement. They can be a great tool, but only in certain circumstances if done well, and directed to the right audience.  

If you’re thinking about jumping on the bandwagon because ‘GIFs are what all the kids are raving about’, then maybe stay away but if you’re after some inspiration from companies that have used GIFs successfully, here’s three companies who in the past year have absolutely nailed the use of them:

It’s safe to say you can’t walk around a major city throughout the UK without coming across a handful of Starbucks and everyone’s favourite coffee shop are also dominating online with their clever and stylish use of GIFs.


They created 21 of their own branded GIFs to promote the coffee shop's icy Frappuccino drinks. That’s some commitment to both the icy Frappuccino and the creative world of GIFs; check them out here: Starbucks Frappuccino GIF Collection.

Do you have a new product or an update feature for one of your current products? Making a GIF of product shots or demonstrations can be a brilliant way to showcase your new release.

Samsung have done this numerous times when they have created GIFs instead of standard product shots of their new phones or tablet devices, this has helped keep their audience intrigued and wanting to know more. Check out this tweet advertising the Ultra Power Saving Mode that Samsung offer across their mobile devices. 

Bud Light
This month's seen the roll out of the American lager Bud Light here in the UK. There’s been an extensive marketing campaign launched by the company ahead of the launch and one that has surely caught the attention of many of you.

In Manchester it’s felt like you haven’t been able to walk from one end of Deansgate to the other without the brash blue and white logo catching your eye. Bud Light have also been a massive advocate of GIFs on their main Twitter account.

The company have become well known for their eye-catching GIFs which continuously show the wide range of styles you can purchase Bud Light. 

Looking forward to a few beers with colleagues after work? Bud Light have a GIF of work colleagues cheersing each other, all with a nicely decorated can or bottle of Bud Light in hand.

Going to a BBQ now the sun has finally decided to make an appearance? Bud Light have a GIF for that.

You get the idea. Bud Light are a company who have a brilliant reputation across the pond in America, they’ve gained a great social following and now they’ve brought this to our shores. We think you should expect to see plenty of Bud Light social activity on your timeline in the coming months, powered by many social activities captured in GIF form.

Starbucks, Samsung and Bud Light are just three companies who have taken advantage of the GIF world for their social channels. If you think your company or business can be improved with some GIF activity then what are you waiting for? 

But remember that it’s not something all companies can get away with and if it feels forced to you, then it’s certainly going to feel like that to your followers. 


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