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  • 27/08/2010

    Mike Carter

    Knew about this

    Does a creative's CV need to be creative?

    As the competition between candidates rises, is there a need for your CV to show your creative potential... read more

  • 07/10/2010

    Mike Carter

    Knew about this

    Gap's New Logo Design - Think you can do better?

    The new Gap logo is seemingly the most controversial logo produced since the London 2012 Olympic Games. read more

  • 19/11/2010

    Mike Carter

    Knew about this

    Pecha Kucha Explained

    Here's a run down of last night's Pecha Kucha event in Leeds. read more

  • 24/02/2011

    Mike Carter

    Knew about this

    The Orchard Facebook Page - What do you think? We'd appreciate your feedback!

    We would like to hear what you think about our facebook fan page, more specifically the "Latest Jobs" tab which allows you to view all of our latest vacancies through facebook. read more

  • 03/05/2011

    Mike Carter

    Knew about this

    Manchester Fashion Network - The Affiliate Marketing Talk

    Hosted at The Castle Hotel on Monday evening, with speakers Paul Hurst, Justine Goldstraw and Vicki Day read more


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  • orchard_helen - 1 minute ago

    Well done @AldiUK ...these are so good!! πŸ˜‹

  • orchard_rick - 1 minute ago

    I've received one or two of THOSE job specs in my time.

  • orchardtweets - 12 hours ago

    Some Non-Obvious Advice on Thought Leadership

  • orchard_al - 12 hours ago


  • orchard_luke - 15 hours ago

    @jamesrossdesign La Bottega Milanese Best about!

  • orchard_laura - 15 hours ago

    RT @Orchard_Rich: Exceptional Mid/Snr #Graphicdesigner req’d for #leeds award winning agy. Β£30-40k. Contact @Orchard_Rich #jobs…

  • orchard_ross - 16 hours ago

    @Rick_Turner oh well thats good then πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ƒπŸ”’ ( lock emoji cause they safe 😏 lol )

  • orchard_daniel - 17 hours ago

    @twitwitwitwoo Try this link out, let me know if you have any issues accessing it -

  • orchard_chris - 18 hours ago

    @orchard_AJ @Orchard_Helen I don't have any redaction software I'm afraid. Take it up with the Global Redaction Software Implementation team

  • orchardjobs - 2 days ago

    Senior Developer in #Manchester, up to Β£40K. Contact @Orchard_AJ #devjobs

  • orchard_tommy - 3 days ago

    I'd like to speak to a first-rate Junior / Mid Packaging Designer based in #Manchester. Details: #packagingdesign

  • orchard_andy - 3 days ago

    @Orchard_Rick so that's what it takes to get you to come in early...

  • orchard_mike - 4 days ago


  • orchard_april - 5 days ago

    Does User Experience Design Exist?