Our Story

Orchard sells Recruitment arm to Humankind Global Recruitment

From the first day we opened up shop in 1992, our passion for creative and marketing work has fueled our engines. We became a pretty cool independent creative shop by the mid-90s, providing creative solutions and results that we took great pride in.

It was quickly realized that our greatest strength was scaling for larger projects – all based on our unique ability to find the right people for the job. We decided to pivot into the recruitment world, and have been helping the North’s Creative & Marketing candidates land amazing jobs since.

Over the last couple of years, behind the scenes, we’ve had the opportunity to be exposed to exciting marketing projects that opened two similar yet different roads for us.

On one side, we were asked to participate in projects in the creative space that were too attractive to ignore; delivering results that received much praise. This rekindled a flame some of us thought was forever extinct…

On the other side, we’ve been working hard to expand our offering across a broader range of disciplines, both in the UK and beyond. In addition to Marketing and Creative recruitment, we began to cover Professional Services, Customer Services, and IT.

A new chapter begins for Orchard Marketing

Following our success in setting up these new services, we are proud to announce that the Recruitment portion of our operations has been acquired by a business whose focus is to better enable the expansion of those services on an international scale: Humankind Recruitment.

This allows Orchard to get back to its Creative and Marketing consultancy roots, back to what lit that fire we had in us, and inspired our foundations.

As has always been the case, we are defined by our intelligence, curiosity, imagination, and our ability to collaborate. It is these qualities that help us to discover new and better ways to live, work and play together.

For those of you in need of Marketing & Creative Recruitment services, feel free to contact our friends at Humankind Recruitment by email at info@humankind-recruitment.com; by phone at +44 (0)161 455 0055; or find them at www.humankind-recruitment.com.

For those of you in need of Marketing and Creative consulting services, drop us a line at manchester@orchard.co.uk – and let’s get to work.